Helping Kids Cope in the Emergency Department

Ever wonder what a child life specialist does?  Wish you could see it in action?  Watch this short video from All Children’s Hospital from YouTube to learn a little more about child life specialists and how they support children, teens, and families in the Emergency Department.  A child life specialist named Courtney, uses a teddy bear to help a young child learn about the IV he is going to get and she talks with him about the open heart surgery he had.  See how she uses the stuffed animal to learn more about the young child’s experiences and fears.  You can use this same technique with your child!

Child Life Specialists can be found in a variety of units and departments that provide medical services for pediatric patients within the hospital.  Radiology, Day Surgery, Pediatric Units, Intensive Care Units, and Outpatient Clinics are just a few places you could find a child life specialist.  Be sure to ask your doctor or nurse if they have a child life specialist available to work with you and your family, the next time your child needs medical treatment!

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