Check out what child life students and new professionals are saying about Ask Child Life.

“The study session for the certification exam provided me with a focused list of key areas to study. Julie openly shared valuable information and tips allowing me to gain a solid foundation to begin my studying and boost my confidence. The resources used helped me obtain the essential tools to be successful.” -Brittany

“Working with Julie from Ask Child Life was an invaluable experience for me. She was extremely professional and prepared for our meeting, and I felt confident that I was receiving sound advice from someone already established in the field of Child Life. Julie’s constructive criticism of my resume and cover letter, as well as general interview and job search advice, has helped me to feel significantly more confident in my approach. Ask Child Life is a valuable resource that I plan to continue to utilize as I embark on my career.” -Colette

“As a student with many questions about the field, Julie patiently answered all of my questions and enabled me to make informed decisions about my professional path. She willingly shared her knowledge in an easy to understand manner and never made me feel uneducated or helpless.” -Kathleen

“I feel like she gave me the necessary tools to know how to get the most from my internship to take the next steps to apply and obtain a child life job. She gave me room to explore my personal style, have successes, make mistakes and develop ways to learn from both scenarios.” -Kym

“As a student pursuing the child life field this workshop was a great way to give me a head start to having a mindset of positive actions, words, and phrases I can use with patients and their families.” -Lauren

“Ask Child Life provided a wonderful workshop “Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews… Oh My!” I gained insight on how to word my applications and resumes from a child life perspective to make sure that I showcase my strengths and show how I am the best possible candidate for the position. The session was laid back yet extremely informative and covered all questions that I had. I now feel more confident applying for child life internships and feel as though my resume and cover letter will stand out from the crowd.” -Mandy

“The workshop provided examples from the field that helped me connect classroom knowledge to the hospital setting. I feel more comfortable heading into my practicum with this knowledge.” -Allicia