Passing the Child Life Certification Exam: The Focus and Direction You Need

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Studying for the Child Life Certification Exam?
Studying the core child life concepts outlined in this guide has already helped many students and child life specialists effectively prepare for the certification exam.  Make sure you’re on the right track to passing the exam and becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist!

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Child Life students and recent graduates often say they feel overwhelmed when preparing for the Child Life Certification Exam. When it comes to studying, they don’t know where to start and are often unsure if they are on the right track. This guide gives you the focus and direction you need when preparing to take the certification exam.Passing the exam requires you to have a strong understanding of core child life concepts and how to implement these concepts in your daily clinical practice. By using the questions and prompts throughout this guide you will enhance your understanding and strengthen your ability to correctly answer questions on the exam about Assessment, Intervention, and Professional Responsibility.

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Bringing your academic knowledge and your clinical practice together to effectively prepare for the certification exam!