Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together


What are the puzzle pieces?
Medical Environment
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How does Ask Child Life help put the pieces of the puzzle together?
Ask Child Life provides guidance for how to talk with kids and teenagers about medical treatment and how to help them cope with their experiences.  Ask Child Life offers services for parents and families, as well as medical professionals, community organizations, and child life students.

When a child or teenager needs medical care it causes them to ask questions.  Family members begin to look for ways to explain tests and procedures, such as needing to get an IV, discussing a new diagnosis, or having surgery.  Sometimes even just going to the doctor or dentist can be stressful or scary for a child.  Parents and caregivers want to share information with the child about what to expect, and yet they are hesitant about what to say because they don’t want to scare them.

Families also often find themselves looking for ways to help children cope with the medical care, experiences, or death of a close family member or friend.  In these situations kids and teenagers have questions about what happened.  They wonder if they can visit the person in the hospital, will the person get better, and they have questions about the medical environment.  If the family member or friend isn’t going to get better, the child often wonders if the person will live and how things will be different if the person doesn’t live.

These questions can be tough to answer.  The advice usually given is to answer these questions honestly, which is true, but that still doesn’t help you to know what to actually say.  Ask Child Life has the experience and expertise to help you answer all of these questions for children and teens in a way that will help them understand and cope most effectively.

Family resources, articles, and personalized coaching sessions are available for families and organizations to guide you in talking with children about medical experiences.  You will be provided with child friendly phrases and words to explain medical information, as well as discover creative ways to help children cope with illness and injury, that are specific for your child’s age, development, and your family’s needs.


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Tips, Resources, and Coping Ideas!
Check out the articles!  You’ll be sure to discover new and creative ways to help kids cope with stress and anxiety when going to the doctor, dentist, or other medical experiences.

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Premature infant in NICU at hospitalLooking for guidance about how to talk to kids in your family about medical treatment?
Schedule your personalized family coaching session to receive guidance and support specific to the needs of your child and family.


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